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I am a following a telegram group, they provide 15 minutes time frame analysis on Forex, they provide around 5 to 6 signals daily, all with 3 take profits

I have my on VPS server, and I am thinking about a computer software that can be installed and then it connects with telegram with that channel specifically and read, and place all those signals in my MT4 platform and account,but there're certain things or features it must have.

1) Risk management: It means I can choose my lotsize for each trade, that is a feature this software must have.

2) Twintrade: I can type from the options how many times I want a trade to be placed, this is used when you want to duplicate your profits. Meaning I can tell the software to place each order 2 or 3 times for example

3) orders limit: Where I can tell the software what is the limit of operations or trades it can have opened at the same time

And finally this is the logic that applies to those trades:

:radio_button:If a trade already hit TP1 and we give another trade on the same pair, then the earlier trade would have to be closed, only the new trade will be running

:radio_button:As our accuracy is almost 95%, you can choose to trade only TP1 and ignore other TP’s

:radio_button:If you decide to trade all 3 TP’s, you can trade them in several ways

:heavy_minus_sign:Always use 70% of your position for TP1, let’s say you do our trades 1.00$ per pip, so for TP1 use 0.70$ per pip, for TP2 use 0.15$ per pip, for TP3 use 0.15$ per pip

:heavy_minus_sign:After TP1 hit, put SL for both remaining trades at entry level

:heavy_minus_sign:Or put SL for 1 trade at entry level and another at half of the given SL

:heavy_minus_sign:Or put SL for both remaining trades at half of the given SL

:heavy_minus_sign:Or put SL for 1 trade at half of the given SL and another at the given SL

:heavy_minus_sign:Or put SL for both remaining trades at the given SL

:radio_button:Your equity/2,000 = your preferred lot size per pip

:heavy_minus_sign:Example, 400$/2,000 = 0.02(0.20$) lot per pip

:heavy_minus_sign:This lot size is applicable if you only trade TP1

:heavy_minus_sign:If you trade all 3 TP’s, then for TP1 use 0.14$ per pip, for TP2 use 0.03$ per pip and for TP3 use 0.03$ per pip

this is how they are sent

look that CAD/CHF is an image is not plain text, so I don't know if you will be able to tell the software to read an image

I will also you give you access to that channel so you can read all the history and get familiarized with their method

this project will start on march, but we need to have a developer in mind to start with. , how much it will take you to complete this? and we will require 2 weeks of testing on a demo account to make sure it works fine

I want a software that is able to connect to any MT4 platfrom on a VPS server and then also connect to the telegram VIP channel, read the signals, understand them and place them on the accoun thru the MT4 platform.