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I recently took over a small WordPress Plugin, which I want to upload to

The Review Team from WordPress has two issues with the plugin. Here is what they wrote.


## Including Libraries Already In Core

Your plugin has included a copy of a library that WordPress already includes.

WordPress includes a number of useful libraries, such as jQuery, Atom Lib, SimplePie, PHPMailer, PHPass, and more. For security and stability reasons, plugins may not include those libraries in their own code, but instead must use the versions of those libraries packaged with WordPress.

You can see the list of jQuery Libraries here:

While we do not YET have a decent public facing page to list all these libraries, we do have a list here:

It’s fine to locally include add-ons not in core, but please ONLY add those additional files. For example, you do not need the entire jquery UI library for one file. If your code doesn't work with the built-in versions of jQuery, it's most likely a noConflict issue.

Example(s) from your plugin:

popoverxyz.php:177:wp_enqueue_script('jquery', '', array(), null, false);

## Out of Date Libraries

At least one of the 3rd party libraries you're using is out of date. Please upgrade to the latest stable version for better support and security. We do not recommend you use beta releases.

From your plugin:

customs/css/bootstrap.min.css:4: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

customs/css/bootstrap-theme.css:5: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

customs/css/bootstrap.css:5: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

customs/css/bootstrap-theme.min.css:4: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

customs/js/bootstrap.js:6: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

customs/js/bootstrap.min.js:6: * Bootstrap v3.4.1 (

You need to at least get on the 4.x branch.


I need someone who can fix these two issues.

Best regards,


Budget is 80€