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We’re looking for a partnership with a company/freelance who can offer the services of a Full Stack developer focused on python/django frameworks, a designer experienced in UX, and a SEO specialist. 

This company/freelance will support our internal team helping to cope with high demand situations and/or helping to develop our internal code base. The primary need is as a full stack developer reporting to a Project Manager working both inside or outside of our offices. 


● Collaborate in defining the architecture of our software platform.

● Assist to define and improve a workflow oriented towards Continuous Delivery.

● Assist to define and develop a full stack solution.

● Assist the team to develop the transition to the software platform.


● Agile/devops minded with a high degree of flexibility to change.

● Ability to work independently and as part of a team

● 5+ years experience into Web app development using Django, Python 3, JavaScript (ES6), HTML5, and CSS (with) to build fully-tested, well-documented code. A portfolio/github repository to demonstrate this experience is required. 

● Experience with Linux-based development packages, specifically python and Django, and using docker as a development environment. 

● Experience generating Django UI (data input, computation workflow

modules/parameters, job output/visualization), and building multi-threaded applications.

● Experience on testing using TDD into his workflow.

● Experience working and improving Continuous Delivery environments (git/gitlab,


● Strong relational database fundamentals, hands-on experience with non-relational / NoSQL alternatives and solid grasp of which to use when advanced knowledge of python. 

● Understanding the fundamentals of software design principles (Gang of Four).

● Ability to communicate highly technical issues and approaches.

● Good analytical and creative problem solving skills for design, creation and testing of software.