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Hi  Worlinty, I see you rate your Apple Script skills in 9/10 and this is what I am looking for.

I will give you some details of my project, so you may understand better what I am looking to.

I am using the attached Automator file to perform the following task:

1. In Finder, I select one file and with the right mouse click I choose this automator action.

2. The Automator makes that the file path of the selected file in my Mac is copied to the clipboard.

3. The Automator workflow leads me to FileMaker app, where I store in a database the file path recorded in the clipboard.


1. To improve (if possible) the AppleScript lines in the Automator workflow. Right now the file path is not well copied when it contains a non-english character, like "á", or "é", and this disturbs me.

2. To expand the workflow in order that a new file name generated in FileMaker and copied into the clipboard replaces the actual file name. 

2. 1 In FileMaker I will create a new file name of this file. 2.2 I will copy the new file name into the clipboard.

2.3 I need that you apply this file name copied into the clipboard, to the selected file chosen at the beginning of the script.

2.4 I also would like that this procedure be executed on all the files within a folder in a batch, one file after the other automatically.

I hope you will understand what I am looking to. I remain available for further details. I you wish we can communicate by by Whatsapp.

Best greetings from Portugal.

Loyal (nick name)


My present Apple Script:

on run {input, parameters}

 set newPath to (the POSIX path of input)

return newPath 

end run