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Desarrollar un Web API en asp.Net (no un web service) en c# que envíe emails a través del servicio amazon ses. ID a utilizar MS Visual Sturdio 2013

El Web API debe requerir autenticación.


(En inglés)


- Create a web API in ASP.NET c # in VS2013 

- Expose a service that receives the following parameters:

- Email sender from which the mail will be send.

- Name of the email sender.

- Email recipient (one or more) where the mail will be sent. 

- Email Subject  - Mail body 

- Attachments to send in the mail if applicable. The contents of the email must be included in a predefined template such as this:

- The service must send the email throw Amazon SES.

- The service must return a true or false response to the client indicating successful or unsuccessful delivery of email.

- These notification will be trigger by some user action or time based