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Project Description:


Provide front end, back end development, and overall platform installation for an ecommerce website using the Magento platform.


Project Background:


The client is a new fashion brand from a manufacturer based in NY, with a 


distribution center in China. The Pons Group will be designing a website for a new 


line of leather goods called Drape&Tanner. The line will feature jackets, handbags, 


shoes, t-shirts and belts for both men and women. 




                                    F: female        M: male


Jackets                             20                  20          


Belts                                  3                    4


Bags/Backpacks           5                     2


Total SKU’s: 60


Product Categories:


Women Jackets


• Jackets                             


• Handbags


• Belts


• Sale




• Jackets                             


• Men’s Bags


• Belts


• Sale


New Arrivals


• This will be a bucket of hand picked items that will go to a landing 


page similar to LandingPage.jpg, where the user can choose products 


by gender.


• After gender is selected, user will land on a results page that is similar 


to the Search-Results.jpg


• These products will be cross listed so there will be a redundancy 


where they show up in this department, but will also show up in the 


regular inventory in the Women’s and Men’s sections




• This page will behave similar to the new arrivals section where 


instead of new products, we will show products that are discounted


• Bucket of all items marked bellow 20% discount


• May need to implement rule that products reduced by a certain 


percentage automatically show up in this department


General Features:


• Product Search 


• Sales Promos (which will link to search results of special category buckets 


like 20%off or Spring Sale, Collections, etc.)


• Shipping promo


• Newsletter signup (using a major platform like Constant Contact)


• Related Products (Showcase similar product thumbnails)


• Shopping cart quick view on top navigation (like )


• User (member) Wish List functionality


• Promotional banner in category pages (like the 50% off banner here: http://


• Product results sorting (price-high/low, number per page, thumb vs list view 


and pagination/breadcrumb navigation)


• Price Range Sorting


• Real time inventory tracking (all products on shop will need to be 


accounted for in in inventory. If the product is out od stock, we want it to be 


automatically removed from the site)


• Multicurrency selection


Product Detail Page Features:


• Product Sizing Guide


• Multiple Images/ product views (With Zoom)


• Social Sharing (Product Detail)


• Email To Friend Functionality (like


• Product Reviews (Based on a 5 star system


Shopping Cart Features:


• Discount Codes


• Accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Google checkout


• Shopping cart upsell/cross-sell


• Guest shopper path (not forced to be come member)


• User Account creation and management (manage contact/ shipping info, 


billing info, password, etc)


Design Requirements:


All wireframe prototypes and design files will be provided by us. High 


fidelity wireframes will be delivered first and designs files will be delivered psd 




Functional Requirements:


• Orders should be submitted to manufacturer after confirmation email is sent 


to customer. 


• Orders will be delivered via email at the very least, or a more complex order 


system (whichever is best on your experience and or is available as an addon to magento)


• Order shipping will be handled manually (but we are open to make it as 


automated as possible (considering human hands have to place the products 


in a box)


• Shipping will be via UPS, and DHL


Technical Requirements:


• Must be developed in the latest version of Magento 


• Must use extension compatible the latest version of Magento (that can be 


easily updated)


• Front end should be coded using the latest versions of CSS3, jQuery, 


JavaScript, HTML5 and using the latest best practices and standards to 


implement these technologies.


• Front end will use the latest responsive libraries so that the user interface 


can be used in mobile browsers


• Merchant admin will be easy to understand (comprehensive enough for a 


novice eMerchant)




Themes referenced:


The flowing is a list of different Magento themes we have referenced for the list of 


features and desired functionality.




• Client is starting from scratch (no merchant account, inventory system, CRM, 


etc. We need these features to be set up (and hopefully built into Magneto )


• we will receive training on the administrative/merchant CMS


• we will be briefed on how to manage the source code and 


scalability of the site for future updates ( adding inventory, categories, 


adding future add-ons)


• Client will be making future updates, inventory changes, etc.


• Hosting environment will be chosen upon developer’s recommendation 


based on prior experience for optimal performance


• Catalog Data .xls file has already been completed


• Photography has been completed


• Editor’s pick section in the category landing page “Category.jpg” will be 


replaced with a newsletter sign up module.