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Eelp! is the first app to delegate all the daily needs that a busy person can have, with a text message, 365 days a year from your mobile.

Voice Note Collector

Voice Note Collector

Do you like collecting voice notes? Have you ever wondered where is that voice note so funny you received by WhatsApp? You can record your own voice notes and keep them organized easily. You can also upload any voice note and give it the name you want. And best of all, from any application that can create voice notes, you can send them directly to VNCollector to have all together.

Draw Straw

Draw Straw

What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are the great questions of humanity… But the questions that really matter are less philosophical: Who does the dishes? Who pays for this round? Who takes the dog out for a walk? Who is not drinking tonight to drive the car? With Draw Straw all these decisions will be solved in a fast and funny way! Who chooses the shortest straw loses


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