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Isaac Ramirez

Rubio, Venezuela
2 Idiomas



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Web y programación
Diseño y medios


ingeniero en Informatica. Desarrollador y diseñador web. Trabajo con framework php y css.




Web & Mobile Design jquery, responsive-web-design, bootstrap, css3, html online store for selling and buying items

Isaac Ramirez

Isaac Ramirez

Virtual Santander Edu Expo 2015 is a virtual exhibition dedicated to promote the provision of education in our department, using the most advanced technology platform to make it through the information superhighway. I am developing the backend of the system to manage exposure.

Isaac Ramirez

Isaac Ramirez

Udatabox is a management system of court records, this system will allow you to keep tabs on court cases take their cause. Our system offers several important aspects when conducting a lawsuit: • Storing digitized cloud their orderly and systematic records. • Indicators of physical space (in the cloud) used. • Modification and update of files loaded into the system.


Web y programación

total average: 8.346153846153847/10

AJAX 9.0/10

AngularJS 4.0/10

ASP 7.0/10

ASP.NET 5.0/10

C 9.0/10

C++ 9.0/10

CodeIgniter 7.0/10

Data Modeling 9.0/10

Google Android 7.0/10

HTML 9.0/10

HTML5 10.0/10

Java 9.0/10

Javascript 9.0/10

Joomla 9.0/10

JQuery 9.0/10

LAMP 10.0/10

Laravel 9.0/10

MySQL 9.0/10

node.js 5.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

PostgreSQL 9.0/10

PostgresSQL 9.0/10

Research and Development 9.0/10

Social Networking 9.0/10

SQL 9.0/10

XML 8.0/10

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Diseño y medios

total average: 9.0/10

Webdesign 9.0/10