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Madrid, España
3,7 Score: 3.67/10
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I am an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Scientist. Challenge lover. Smiling. Fighter. Addicted to caffeine. Early bird. Traveller. Sweet tooth. Passionate about giraffes. Dreamer. My tools are Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I make branding, posters, leaflets, advertisements, naming, illustrations...

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ICBB Event , 2015

ICBB is a biotechnology and bioengineering annual conference where scientific trends and new developments are presented.

Branding Fruish , 2015

Naming and branding for the juice company Fruish.

Alva Noto - CD Cover , 2014

Alva Noto is a visual and sound artist who plays with the laws of physics and turns the sound into time and space bringing us to an alternative reality. Due to the scientific nature of the music of this artist, the concept is based on the atomic physics, particularly on the energy transitions. Atomic transition: change of an electron from one energy level to a higher one

Diseño y medios

Dirección artística
Dominio: 7 / 10
Corporate Design
Dominio: 7 / 10
Corporate Identity
Dominio: 7 / 10
Diseño de portadas
Dominio: 7 / 10
Diseño gráfico
Dominio: 9 / 10
Diseño de cartas
Dominio: 8 / 10
Diseño de logotipos
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 6 / 10