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Belgravia DG

Buenos Aires, Argentina
2,5 Score: 2.45/10
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  • Diseño y medios


Our proposal is generated based on your needs, being specially designed to meet your specific requirements, seeking the best solution, for the web, multimedia or printed work. We are graphic designers from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, we develop our expertise in various design studios and consultancies, and being currently also teachers in the same university. Descripcion del servicio: Belgravia is a communication and design studio that provides graphic design services for various communicational needs, exploiting creativity in search of the best graphics solution.

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Diseño y medios

Diseño de portadas
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño gráfico
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño de logotipos
Dominio: 10 / 10


Dreamweaver Fireworks Illustrator Photoshop