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Ashapura Softech Pvt Ltd

Ahmedabad, India
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  • Web y programación
  • Servicios para empresas
  • Ventas y marketing
  • Diseño y medios


Ashapura Softech is an India based leading Mobile Apps Development Company serving clients across the globe. Since its inception in mid-2013, Ashapura has aimed and delivered the best mobile app development services and solutions to their clients. Ashapura has developed over 75 iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Ashapura Softech has served different kinds of businesses right from start-ups to industry giants such as Nike. Ashapura Softech is an App Development Company that has taken command of the Mobile App Development niche. This is no understatement – in the past two years we’ve finished over 75 iPhone App development projects. This is a high iPhone 5 App development turnaround – but do not make the mistake of thinking this is our only priority. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional quality iPhone Apps that gain real momentum in the Apple App Store. From conception right through to ensuring your App gets the attention it deserves, we use our unique iPhone App development expertise to maximize your App’s potential. Not only are we a leading iPhone / iPad App development company based in India, but we have ample experience with Android App Development too. With our team of expert Android App Programmers we strive to code and create an Android App that’s one in a million. So whether you need iPhone app developers, or you are planning to hire an iPhone 5 / iPad App developer, or require an expert Android App developer; Ashapura can be your One Stop Hub to Outsource Mobile App Development Services. We have versatile pricing plans available to suit every project and budget – you can simply rent our mobile app coder or hire an iPhone App developer in India on an hourly basis. Now to impact people’s lives, decisions are to be made and risks are to be assumed. Of course, of the right kind. There is a lot of information out there. Some people feel that we live in what is called “the information overload” age. It becomes a mammoth task to extract the sense out of all the information that is available.

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1. Molex Seamless App for Improved Business Productivity and Customer Service , 2014

An attractive layout and presentation. Advanced search function to speedily locate any of Molex’s products. Users have access to information on over 90 different product. We can view product information, literature, and search for products with ease and accuracy. Smooth and crisp navigation for increased user comfort.

Instagram Clone , 2014

An app which does similar functionalists like Instagram. It includes sharing facility for Facebook, Twitter, Mail etc. User can upload images, share image and see other person's feeds. An iOS7 like flat design concept and all the screen flow similar to Instagram.

Sports Leauge App , 2014

Official Android Application of the newspaper La Prensa of Nicaragua This application allows you to review all the news of the day quickly, also to mark the news of interest for future reading. Access from your Android device to all relevant news of La Prensa of Nicaragua, national, politics, economy, international, etc..

Web y programación

Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Corona SDK
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dominio: 9 / 10
Dominio: 9 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Mac OS X
Dominio: 10 / 10
Objective C
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10

Servicios para empresas

Consultoría de Negocio
Dominio: 10 / 10
Business Intelligence
Dominio: 10 / 10
Gestión de proyectos
Dominio: 10 / 10

Ventas y marketing

Comunicación Internacional
Dominio: 10 / 10
Internet Marketing
Dominio: 10 / 10

Diseño y medios

Corporate Identity
Dominio: 9 / 10




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