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Kraków, Polonia
3,0 Score: 3.01/10
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  • Diseño y medios
  • Servicios para empresas


A professional architect with academic qualifications, excellent skills and vast experience, recently graduated in Art (Sculpture). Possesses proven abilities to develop projects of all kinds related to design, architecture, contruction, art, graphic illustrator, videos, and have a three-dimensional sense. With his notable communication skills he is able to ensure that the project design would be exactly as requested. In his work he is always using his aesthetic sense, is a creative person and have a great imagination. Easy going by nature and able to get along with work colleagues and senior managers, is currently looking for a suitable architect position, designer or a job related to art. He offer to make works in: Architect Artist 2D and 3D technical draftsman Object Design Graphic Design Architecture and construction consulting Consulting graphic projects Video editing illustration Graphics programs that he use regularly: Autocad 2d and 3d Photoshop Illustrator After effect, Premiere Pro 3d Studio max Sketch Up Cinema 4d Blender Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point

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Building Technical Project Chile , 2014

Technical drawing for a project in Colombia , 2014

Building Technical Project Chile , 2014

Diseño y medios

Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 8 / 10
Dirección artística
Dominio: 10 / 10
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño de portadas
Dominio: 10 / 10
Fotografía digital
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño de cartas
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño de logotipos
Dominio: 10 / 10
Diseño del producto
Dominio: 10 / 10
Producción de vídeo
Dominio: 10 / 10

Servicios para empresas

Design Thinking
Dominio: 10 / 10