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Adrian J. Troncoso

Sevilla, España
3.13 Score: 3.13/10 Score
1 Idiomas


Skills overview

Web y programación
Ventas y marketing
Diseño y medios
Servicios para empresas


IT project manager, e-Learning developer and Web Content Management (CMS) Specialist with 9 plus years of commercial experience in large Education and Training projects (>25) for the public sector, private sector, Universities and projects co-funded by the Eur
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Web y programación

total average: 4.9/10

Drupal 0.0/10

Joomla 0.0/10

LAMP 8.0/10

Linux 0.0/10

MySQL 8.0/10

PHP 8.0/10

Python 0.0/10

Social Networking 8.0/10

WordPress 8.0/10

XHTML 9.0/10

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Ventas y marketing

total average: 6.875/10

Affiliate Marketing 8.0/10

Email Marketing 8.0/10

Google AdWords 6.0/10

Google Analytics 7.0/10

Google Webmaster Central 8.0/10

Link Building 6.0/10

SEO 6.0/10

SEO 6.0/10

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Diseño y medios

total average: 7.0/10

Digital Photography 7.0/10

Graphic Design 6.0/10

Photography 7.0/10

Webdesign 8.0/10

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Servicios para empresas

total average: 6.25/10

Business Development 6.0/10

Business Strategy 6.0/10

Change Management 5.0/10

Customer Support 8.0/10

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